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Posted by James Todd (Import) on 15 June 2012 07:16 PM
This is a fairly comprehensive list of items to check if your sniffer is not working.

1. Open the browser(s) that you use to view videos on the internet and delete the cache (temporary internet files) and cookies.  Here is a link to show you how to do that.

NOTE:  It is important to following these instructions very carefully. For example, in some versions of IE, you must BOTH select and deselect some options
Always clear for "all time" or for "everywhere"  do not select a smaller time frame setting.

2. Please add Video Surgeon and WinPcap to your firewall exceptions list.  Please view the knowledgebase article below to show you how to do this.,6,7

The two files that need to be added are:

WinpCap (file name) = rpcapd.exe
Video Surgeon (file name) = VideoSurgeon.exe

3. If you have other software like Norton, or Avast or McAfee and this are providing your firewall protection you will need to set up firewall exceptions for those programs as well.

4.  If you use IE for a browser, go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Security.
If you have a checkbox for "protected mode", please de-select this.

5. If you have Win 7 or Vista please go to the program files folder and find the Video Surgeon subfolder.  In this subfolder find the VideoSurgeon.exe file, right click it, and then select "run as administrator".

After doing or checking all of the above, please again try the sniffer and see if it works.

If none of these solves your problem, please contact submit a Help Desk ticket.  When you do this please let us know
whether the problem is that the sniffer doesn't detect any links, or whether the problem is with the downloading of the
selected links.
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