Sniffer Only Working Part of the Time
Posted by James Todd (Import) on 15 June 2012 06:36 PM

The sniffer works on approximately 90% of all sites that have A/V files. Let's first begin by confirming that it is working. When you use it you do have instances where the sniffer found a link and populated this link into the sniffer window. Is this correct? If yes, then read on. If no, then this is article will not help you.

If the sniffer window is working (detecting links) but not as many as you would expect, here are a couple of suggestions/comments.

1. If you have previously played a an audio or video to completion on this same computer, when you play it again, the sniffer cannot detect it, because your computer has already downloaded it and stored it in your computer's cache. In these situations the file actually is playing from your cache, not the internet, and since the sniffer detects networks connections (two computers talking to each other) there is nothing for it to detect.

2. The sniffer window is not supposed to detect files stored on your computer that you play. For these files you should use the open button on Video Surgeon to select the file and allow the program to open it. 
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