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Can't Open File, Can't Import File, or similar message
Posted by James Todd (Import), Last modified by James Todd (Import) on 15 June 2012 06:39 PM

The "can't open file", "can't import file" or similar messages are usually encountered with the paths defined in the "Options" button are incorrect. These paths are automatically created when the program is installed.  Please check to ensure these paths are correct. 

Click the Options button. You will see five paths in the image below. To the right of each path you will see a button. Please click this button and it will open a dialog on your computer. From there you can browse your computer's file structure.  Please check to make sure that the path, which is displayed in the Option's window, for each of the five settings is correct. If you find one that is not, please redirect it to a correct folder, or create a new folder as necessary.

In the above image you can see the path from a machine for the Temporary Files location. As you can see, this folder is correct and does exist on the machine. However, when the "can't open file" error messages appears this is because one or more of these paths is not correct. 

Please note that except for the music files setting, which should be the location on your computer that you have your music file stored, all of the other paths are normally in your "My Documents" folder, in a subfolder called Song Surgeon 3.

As you check each of these five paths, if you have entered a path that does not exist, Song Surgeon will display a message telling you this, when you try to save the path.  If you see this message, please go back and redirect the path to a folder that does exist, or CREATE the folder(s) necessary so the path displayed in the Options dialog window does exist, and is a real path (and folder) on your machine.

After checking and confirming that all of these paths are correct, please open SS and try using it again.

If you continue to have problems, please contact the Help Desk.

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