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Video Surgeon is NOT finding video links
Posted by James Todd (Import), Last modified by on 26 November 2009 08:00 PM

There are several possibilities to check if you the sniffer window does not display links when you play videos in your browser.

1.  Did you install winpcap when the installer prompted you to do this.?
You can check by going to your start button >> Control Panel >> Add add and Remove Programs.

You will see a list of programs installed on your PC. Do you see Winpcap?  If not, please download and install this required program.

2.  If you have previously played a video to completion on this same computer,  when you play it again, your computer has already
downloaded it and stored it in your computer's cache, therefore as you play it a second time, there is no network activity for Video
Surgeon to detect because it is playing the video FROM your computer, not from the file on the internet. You can check this by deleting
your cache from your browser, and then going to these same videos and trying again.
Another way to check this would be to go to several completely different sites or videos that you have not been to before and see if
the sniffer works for you.

3. The first is your internet connection. What kind of connection do you have. If is is a standard cable or DSL type connection it should
work fine. However, if you have a notebook running on one of the 3G or 4G wireless cell phone type connections this could cause a problem.
4. Another possible issue is your Firewall. Windows has its own default firewall. Please turn it off and let us know if this makes a difference.
More than likely, if this is the only Firewall you have installed it is not the problem.

It is more likely a problem could arise if you have another firewall in addition to the windows default firewall. Do you? Sometimes antivirus
program have firewall capabilities built into them. Let me know if you have a second firewall on your machine. If so, what is the name of it?
Please disable it temporarily and then try using the sniffer - remember to always testing using video you have NEVER played before.

If you try the above items and are still having problems, please complete a Help Desk ticket.

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