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Opening an iTunes music file in Song Surgeon
Posted by james todd on 30 June 2021 01:52 PM

Song Surgeon can open any audio file stored on a physical disc or drive.  If you have iTunes installed on your machine, you can use the Open button on SS and then use the Open Dialog window to navigate to your iTunes folder on your machine and from there select a song and SS will open it.  Here is the typical or normal path to itunes.  It is possible your machine may be different.

If you need help beyond this please complete a support ticket. The Help Desk is always the first stop for support.  Based upon the ticket information you provide we will decide how to handle your issue.  We may call, correspond via the Help Desk, do a remote assistance etc.

I have provided the link below for your convenience.  There is no need to create an account or register.  Just click the link near the top that says submit a ticket.

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