What is the difference between Download Only and Download and Play
Posted by James Todd (Import), Last modified by James Todd (Import) on 22 November 2009 08:11 PM

There are a couple of real differences between these two options.  Generally speaking if you are using Video Surgeon, to download many videos at the time you are connected, then you should use the DOWNLOAD ONLY option.   If you are only going to download 1 or 2 videos then use the DOWNLOAD & PLAY.

The Download Only option does not convert the file after the download is complete. Since the file is not converted, the file also does not autoplay in Video Surgeon.  The file type you find on the internet is the file type that is downloaded and stored on your computer.  The file is not converted to an AVI which is the internal file type used by Video Surgeon. This saves time and also uses less computer resources. 

Download & Play looks the same during the first step, in as much as both options prompt you to give the file a name. Once you have assigned a file name and clicked the save button Video Surgeon proceeds to download the file. Once downloaded it converts the file to an AVI and once this conversion is complete it will auto play the video in the main Video Surgeon window.


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