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My Sniffer Download Module isn't working (Mac or Windows)
Posted by james todd, Last modified by james todd on 26 October 2016 03:48 PM

1. The sniffer test found in the Help button is just that. It is a test and if the sniffer is working correctly you should
see a red square populate this module. However, you will not be able to download this file, so don't try.

2. If you have been to a video before using the same browser and have played that video, it is possible that video
could be cached (stored) on your machine, and when you go to it again on the WWW and play it, it can actually
be playing from the stored location on your machine, not the internet. If that is the case the sniffer will not detect
this video. To ensure that isn't a problem, you should clear the cache, temporary internet files, and history from
your browser. This will force your browser to again grab the A/V stream from the internet allowing the Sniffer
Downloader to grab it, assuming that it can detect videos from that web page.

3. When the Sniffer Downloader was first introduced 6+ years ago, it was able to detect and download from
approximately 90% of all sites. Today that percentage is greatly reduced as the way audio and video are
streamed on the internet has greatly changed and the sniffer module is blocked from working on many of these
sites. There are still many, many sites it works on, but on the larger, more popular sites that stay abreast
of the latest technology, it is unlikely to be able to detect A/V files.

If you experience the problem described in #3, that is where the SC Recorder comes in. It is your fallback
module that should allow you to grab audio or video from almost any site on the WWW.

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