Synchronization problems with video when using the SC Recorder in Download Surgeon 2
Posted by james todd on 15 August 2016 08:32 PM

Many if not post antivirus programs today, do much more than simply scan your emails or your computer for viruses.  They firewall protection, system protection, file system shields and much more.

Many such antivirus programs scan or monitor every activity on your computer.  For example, if you click the Download Surgeon icon to start the program, or click the SC Recorder to start that module, before these start, your antivirus likely will take a quick look to make sure these processes are not detrimental to your machine.  These delays may be only fractions of a second, but they are sufficient to break the synchronization between the audio and video.

If you are having sync problems, there are two immediate things you should do

1. Temporarily disable your antivirus program (and ALL of its modules)
2. Right click the DS icon and select "Run As Admin" to open the program.

Once the program opens, try again and see if the sync issue is resolved.

A SECOND simple step is to work in this Sequence with the SC Recorder.

Click the SC Recorder and open the layer.
Place the layer over the part of the screen in which you are interested.
Click the Start button and make sure the SC Recorder module indicator displays in the upper right hand corner of your monitor and make sure the red blinking lights are repetitively flashing.

Then start your video....

If neither of these suggestions helps with your issue, please submit a Help Desk Incident Support ticket.

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