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Popping, Clipping, Distortion
Posted by james todd on 05 November 2015 01:52 PM

Song Surgeon provides unparalleled audio quality after key and tempo change. However, when working
with highly compressed files, it is possible that you may initially hear some distortion in the form of a
popping, clicking or scratching sound.

This issue you hear is due to clipping. This happens when the amplitude (height) of a signal goes beyond
a system's limits. When that happens the system discards the portion beyond the limit and this is what causing the
popping you hear.

In Song Surgeon this can happen when you are working with highly compressed files. Highly compressed files are files
that when opened in Song Surgeon push the top and bottom boundaries of the plotting area. The reason this happens
is quite understandable. When you ask Song Surgeon to change key or tempo it MUST, by definition, change the shape
of this wav form data which you see on the screen in order to effect the key or tempo change. These changes are very
small, but with highly compressed files, these small changes can cause a file that was near the top or bottom boundary
to now slightly exceed this boundary and thus clip.

In SS the solution is to make the changes in key or tempo, then reduce the volume to around 90%, and then EXPORT
the file to create a new file. In SS the volume slider works like an amplifier, so when you reduce the volume, it will also
reduce the amplitude of the wav data and on Export should create a new file that when opened and played does not clip.

Please try this and let me know. If you still have problems after doing this, please submit a Help Desk ticket.

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