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Can't open Default.lan file
Posted by James Todd (Import) on 12 January 2009 01:01 AM
If you are receiving this error message, Song Surgeon was either not installed correctly, it is missing some files, or it was installed on one profile and is trying to be accessed by another.  The latter is the most common.
On your computer go to one of the following locations based upon your OS:
 XP Machines -       C: Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME \Application Data\Song Surgeon\
    Vista Machines -    C: Users\YOUR USER NAME \App Data\Song Surgeon\
Does the above Song Surgeon subfolder exist?  If not, that is your problem. It is likely that Song Surgeon is installed under another user name.  Check the other "Users Names" on the computer in the "USERS" or "Documents and Settings" folder. If there is a Song Surgeon subfolder in the location noted above, that means that Song Surgeon is installed under that profile or user name. 
If you have installed SS under one user name and would like to use it under another you should copy the entire Song Surgeon subfolder with all of its contents from the user name where it installed, and paste it  into the identical place in the other user profile.
If this does not solve your problem, please complete a support ticket. 
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