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Guitar Leads Lesson Window Opens But is Blank
Posted by James Todd (Import), Last modified by James Todd (Import) on 23 December 2010 09:14 PM

For customers that are running XP Pro, you may experience an issue whereby the Guitar Leads lesson window, which is your browser window, opens but is blank. The following "fix" should solve this problem.

Here are the steps:

1. You have administrative rights.
2. Disable all active anti-virus, spyware, and internet security programs.
3. Download then close ALL running programs.
4. Unzip to a directory of your choice. Remember this location; you will need to run the programs in the next set of instructions.


1. Run uninstall_flash_player.exe and follow all the prompts.

2. Run sw_uninstaller.exe and follow all the prompts.

4. Go to start

5. Go to Control Panel

6. On the left side under Control Panel, you will see "Switch to Classic View" click that.

7. Go to Internet Options, a new window will appear.

8. In the new window, go to 'Advanced' tab.

9. Click the 'Reset' button, a new window will appear, click the 'Reset' button again.

10. "OK" out of all remaining open windows.

11. Run install_flash_player_active_x.msi and follow all the prompts.

12. Run Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe and follow all the prompts.


1. Launch the guitar-leads program, this should open your browser window and show the table of contents.

2. Pick a song to play.

3. A new window may popup, which says something about blocking active content

4. Click on this bar and select 'Allow Blocked Content'.

5. A message box will pop-up, click 'Yes'. Your content should now be visible.







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