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Troubleshooting Download Problems
Posted by james todd on 03 February 2015 09:55 PM

Download Surgeon is a sophisticated program in its ability detect and download audio and video.
The biggest issue for Download Surgeon is problems caused by Antivirus programs.  
For example they can:

  • Can block updates to Download Surgeon
  • Block ability to copy and paste URL’s
  • Block the Sniffer Downloader from detecting video streams

If antivirus programs (AV) do any of these things it is likely that DS will not be able to detect or download
files correctly.   You may see a problem and think it is a DS problem but it is not. It is a problem
caused by an AV program that in-effect “breaks” the program.

If you have problems with DS working correctly, the place to start is to turn off temporarily your AV program
and then try the download sequence again. If DS works when our AV program is off, then you know the issue is
with your AV. Note I say AV in the singular. If you run more than one AV program you are creating a minefield and
it will be very difficult to sort out problems that might be caused by more than one.

Each AV program is different so we can’t give you a standard answer on what you need to do but generally speaking
if you discover that your AV is a problem you will need to read the documentation for it, or do a search to find how to
add a Program Exception. Many AV programs also contain firewalls so you may need to also add an exception to the
Firewall settings.

When adding exceptions, please add the following files which should be found in the following locations

C:\Program Files (x86)\Download Surgeon\DownloadSurgeon.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\Download Surgeon\run.exe

C:\Program Files (x86)\WinPcap\rpcapd.exe

Please note that problems caused by AV program are not DS problems but configuration issues with your AV program.
While we will attempt to assist you at the Help Desk, this is ultimately an issue with your AV program and we suggestdo some searching on the WWW to find out how to set or create exception in the settiings of your AV program so it
will ignore Download Surgeon and allow it to work.

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