YT Download Error - Windows machines only
Posted by james todd on 19 November 2014 11:43 PM

[This applies to both Song Surgeon and Video Surgeon]


The YT Downloader has a automatic updater built into it.  Sometimes
the update process does not complete due to permissions or antivirus
blocking issues.  These can cause a problem and here is what can be
done to check this.

Here is what we need to do next. Go to:

C: Program Files (x86)/Video Surgeon 2/

C: Program Files (x86)/Song Surgeon 4/

In this folder look for the following files

If neither file exists you have an antivirus program that is blocking and quarantining
the file on your machine.  You will need to set up an exception in your AV program to tell
it to leave this file alone.

If you only have run.exe, what is the date on this file? It should be current, within the last day or few days>
If it is older than that, then this file is not being updated.
If you have both, then delete the run.exe file and rename the other to run.exe (deleting the .new suffix)
Once you have deleted and renamed, open the program and then open the YT sniffer again and try downloading.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please complete a support ticket on the Help Desk.


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