Isolating one instrument in a mix
Posted by James Todd (Import) on 01 September 2013 02:09 PM
A common question is how do I isolate one instrument in a mix.  The short answer is that
it is not possible to do this completely. The reason is simple. The frequency of almost all
instruments overlap to a greater or lessor degree. For example, if you remove all of the
frequency between 2000 and 4000 in a mixed track, you will remove the sound for all
instruments in that range.

Version 4 Pro has a 31 band EQ that can be used to enhance or reduce the frequencies of instruments.
It certain is not perfect is this regard, but it does help. The presets provided should be viewed as
starting places only, because every song has a different instrument mix and therefore the EQ settings
must be optimized for each song when attempting to do this.

The 31 band EQ has a lot of cut and boost, so small changes in the EQ can so make small changes can
make a big difference.  Also it is normally better to cut than to boost.

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