Problem with mp4 downloads on YouTube
Posted by James Todd (Import) on 21 May 2013 01:42 PM
Youtube seems to be making some additional changes with regards to Mp4 files that blocks the
audio channel of the video file from being accessed.

What you should do is find other file formats, such as an flv, which is the most common file format
used on Youtube, to download in the sniffer.

There are two possible ways to go about this.  One is to use a different browsers.  Youtube will serve
you an flv, mp4, or webm format based upon certain browsers settings.  If using your current browser
you are seeing predominantly mp4s, then try a different browser for the same video and see if the sniffer
will then detect a different file format.

Go to the bottom right side of the video frame.  There will be a small cog wheel type icon which is for video
quality settings.  Click this.  Most videos have multiple settings.  Select a setting different that the
default one being used.  After selecting a new setting, the video should start playing again.  If not,
please manually start it. 

Among these different quality settings available you should be able to find a format other than mp4,
and the sniffer should have no problem detecting and downloading this.

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