Where is the sniffer module in Version 5?
Posted by james todd on 24 April 2017 12:14 PM
We addressed this issue in two newsletters back in June of 2016. It is also in the FAQ's on the Song Surgeon site.

The bottom line is that Version 5 does not have the downloader and as we release new version of our other main
product, Video Surgeon, it will also not have this functionality. The rationale is explained below:

In the past, Google among others, have sued to block some products that perform downloading functions. However, it’s important to remember that many uses of copyrighted material are considered legal under the fair use doctrine to U.S. copyright law. The fair use doctrine makes exceptions for non-infringing purposes like news reporting, research, education — or just for laughs. Consider YouTube’s first big legal copyright challenge, a 2007 video of a baby dancing to the Prince song “Let’s Go Crazy”. Universal Music Group, the copyright holder of that hit song, sued the baby’s mom for copyright violation. A judge ruled in favor of the mom and the baby, citing fair use.

Two things have happened recently that concern us. Once is that Google has terminated one of our Adwords accounts citing the downloading module as the cause. Even more recently Google has sent a cease and desist letter to a company that sells a YouTube Downloader application, similar to what we provide in Song Surgeon.

Because of these developments we have made a business decision to remove the downloading (Sniffer) modules from Song Surgeon Version 5. We have a similar module in our product Video Surgeon and will also be discontinuing it, when a new version of that product is released.

Version 4 of Song Surgeon will not be affected by this decision and it will continue to contain the downloading modules. However, like all older versions of our products, now that a newer version has been released, it will no longer be updated. Accordingly if this downloading module ceases to function at some point in the future we will provide support for it or fix it.

We know that many customers use and like this downloading feature. What we have done is to consolidate the downloading module found in our other products into a single product called Download Surgeon; plus we have added additional capabilities. This will allow customers who want these downloading features to be able to access them, while at the same time, limiting our business exposure and shielding our main products, like Song Surgeon, from any adverse affects.

We have reduced the price of Download Surgeon from $69 to $24.95 to make it affordable to Song Surgeon customers as we knew it would be missed by some people. If you are interested you can find it her:

Alternatively you can continue to use Version 4 for downloading, for as long as it continues to work.
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